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{Tone Projects Sonitex STX 1260 VST V1 5 ASSiGN} 99

My preferences are definitely towards the control side of things and as a mixer I find the plugin very intuitive. The preset wizard is very straightforward. If youve worked with other plug-ins and are already well acquainted with its various functions, youll be able to use Sonitex in no time.

{Tone Projects Sonitex STX 1260 VST V1 5 ASSiGN} 99

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Simple and beautiful.. Sonitex STX-1260s clean, warm and expressive sound makes it instantly accessible for many types of projects ranging from hip hop to alternative rock and beyond. It can be a great addition to your productions, so I encourage you to download the trial version and unleash the beast. Anyone trying to make their mix, album or movie sound more unique should definitely consider giving this plugin a shot!

The second section is the power section with the auxiliary inputs, the mix out, another two-band EQ and the auxiliary outs. At the end you have a really nice EQ with a lot of gain reduction and a nice filter and really good dynamics. The auxiliary outs can either be assigned to the left or right stereo outs, and they are also usable as a digital audio return. This allows you to put the plugin to the side and be able to record to it with headphones.

sonitex is an easy to use and versatile plugin that can produce a wide range of sounds. it is recommended for all types of music, but it is particularly useful in genres like hip hop, dance and electronic. it is worth mentioning that there are also two ready-made sound design presets for film and tv content, which can give your productions a gritty, vintage and unique sound.

sonitex is a great plugin for producers looking for a creative and diverse compressor. it is best used with a separate gate to shape the threshold and ratio of the compressor and it doesn't distort the signal. the low-mid and mid-high frequency settings are also useful for adding a vintage touch to your tracks and the preset library is packed with a great variety of sounds.


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