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How to Play SimCity 5 Without Origin Crack

SimCity 5 is a city-building simulation game that was released in 2013 by Electronic Arts (EA). The game requires an online connection to Origin, the digital distribution platform of EA, to play. However, some players may want to play the game offline, without having to use a crack or a pirated version. In this article, we will show you how to play SimCity 5 without Origin crack.

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What is Origin and why do you need it?

Origin is a software application that allows you to buy, download, and play games from EA and other publishers. It also provides social features, such as chat, friends list, achievements, and cloud saves. Origin is required to play SimCity 5 because the game uses it for authentication, updates, and online features. Without Origin, you cannot launch or play the game.

What is a crack and why do you need it?

A crack is a modified version of a game file that bypasses the DRM (digital rights management) protection that prevents you from playing the game without Origin. A crack usually replaces the original executable file of the game with a hacked one that does not check for Origin. By using a crack, you can play SimCity 5 without Origin, but you may also lose some features and risk getting banned or infected by malware.

How to get a crack for SimCity 5?

To get a crack for SimCity 5, you need to find a reliable source that offers it. There are many websites and forums that claim to provide cracks for various games, but not all of them are trustworthy or safe. Some of them may contain viruses, spyware, or adware that can harm your computer or steal your personal information. Some of them may also have outdated or fake cracks that do not work or cause errors.

One way to find a good source for a crack is to use a search engine like Bing and type in "simcity5withoutorigincrack" as the keyword. You will get many results that offer cracks for SimCity 5 without Origin. However, you should be careful and check the reviews, ratings, comments, and feedback of other users before downloading anything. You should also scan the downloaded files with an antivirus program before running them.

How to install a crack for SimCity 5?

To install a crack for SimCity 5, you need to copy the cracked file from the downloaded folder and paste it into your SimCity 5 installation folder, replacing the original file. You may need to disable your antivirus or firewall temporarily to do this. The installation folder of SimCity 5 is usually located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\SimCity\SimCity\ or C:\Program Files\Origin Games\SimCity\SimCity\. The cracked file is usually named SimCity.exe or something similar.

How to play SimCity 5 without Origin crack?

To play SimCity 5 without Origin crack, you need to launch the game from the cracked file that you installed. You should be able to play the game offline, without having to log in to Origin or connect to the internet. However, you may not be able to access some features of the game, such as multiplayer mode, leaderboards, achievements, cloud saves, or updates. You may also encounter some bugs or glitches that affect the gameplay.

What are the risks and disadvantages of playing SimCity 5 without Origin crack?

Playing SimCity 5 without Origin crack may seem tempting, but it also comes with some risks and disadvantages. Some of them are:

  • You may violate the terms of service of EA and Origin and get banned from playing any EA games online or using any Origin services.

  • You may infringe the intellectual property rights of EA and face legal consequences.

  • You may expose your computer to malware or viruses that can damage your system or compromise your security.

  • You may experience poor performance, crashes, errors, or bugs that ruin your gaming experience.

  • You may miss out on new features, updates, patches, or fixes that improve the game.

  • You may lose your progress or save data if you switch back to the original version of the game.

  • You may not be able to play with other players online or enjoy the social aspects of the game.


SimCity 5 is a fun and addictive game that lets you create and manage your own city. However, the game requires an online connection to Origin, which some players may not like or have. To play the game without Origin, you need to use a crack that bypasses the DRM protection. However, using a crack is risky and illegal, and may also affect the quality and functionality of the game. Therefore, we do not recommend playing SimCity 5 without Origin crack. Instead, we suggest you buy the game legally and enjoy it with Origin.


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