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Sami Yusuf Ya Rabbal Alamin Free Mp3 Download

Sami Yusuf Ya Rabbal Alamin Free Mp3 Download

Sami Yusuf is a British singer, songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist who is known for his Islamic devotional music. He has released several albums, such as Al-Mu'allim, My Ummah, Wherever You Are, The Centre and Barakah. His songs are inspired by various sources, such as the Quran, the Hadith, the life of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the traditions of various Muslim cultures.


One of his most popular songs is Hasbi Rabbi, which is part of his album My Ummah. The song is a praise of Allah (God) and a supplication for His mercy and guidance. The song features lyrics in Arabic, Urdu, Turkish and English. The chorus of the song is based on a famous Islamic poem that says: "Hasbi Rabbi Jallallah, Ma Fi Qalbi Ghayrullah" which means "My Lord is enough for me, Glory be to Allah, There is nothing in my heart except Allah".

The song also contains the phrase "Ya Rabbal Alamin" which means "O Lord of the Worlds". This phrase is part of the first verse of Surah Al-Fatiha, the opening chapter of the Quran. Surah Al-Fatiha is recited by Muslims in every prayer and it is considered to be the essence of the Quran. The phrase "Ya Rabbal Alamin" expresses the belief that Allah is the Creator and Sustainer of everything that exists.

If you want to listen to Sami Yusuf's Hasbi Rabbi song or download it for free, you can visit his official website or his YouTube channel. You can also find other songs by Sami Yusuf on various streaming platforms, such as iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Deezer. You can also watch his live performance of Hasbi Rabbi at the Dubai Opera, where he mesmerized the audience with his beautiful voice and spiritual message.

Sami Yusuf is a talented and inspiring artist who uses his music to spread peace, love and harmony among people of different faiths and cultures. His songs are a source of comfort and hope for many Muslims around the world. His song Hasbi Rabbi is a reminder that Allah is always with us and that He is sufficient for us in every situation.


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