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Buy Willys Jeep

Funny, then, that one of the most popular purchases and tactics for players eager to earn rewards revolves around an old clunker of a Jeep. The 1940s Willys jeep is a current favourite, with many players picking up the vehicle in order to take advantage of an exploit that lets them indefinitely earn Super Wheelspins (read: lots of cash or rare car rewards) by buying the old banger, upgrading it, then selling it on.

buy willys jeep

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Given that you can 'gift' these surplus cars to other strangers (including those not even on your friends list) and get the skill points refunded, other players are finding their barn finds inundated with Willys jeeps. Not ideal, when those same finds have the potential to include much better cars.

I decided to develop a good quality, easy to install, complete steel body that would satisfy the very discriminating professionals, and also be usable by the individual in his garage, without the thousands of dollars of tools and equipment needed to install the only aftermarket jeep tub available. 041b061a72


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