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Dak Bangla Full Hindi Movie

Dak Bangla Full Hindi Movie

Dak Bangla is a 1987 Hindi horror movie presented by the Ramsay brothers, who are known for their low-budget but popular horror films. The movie stars Rajan Sippy, Swapna, Ranjeet, Mazhar Khan, and Marc Zuber in the lead roles. The movie revolves around a haunted mansion where a mummy terrorizes the guests and the staff.

Plot Summary

Ajay (Marc Zuber) is hired as the manager of a dak bungalow, a rest house for travelers, in Chandan Nagar. He arrives there with his wife Vaishali (Swapna), who is also his niece. They are welcomed by the head manager, who tells them that the previous manager committed suicide and that the locals believe that the place is cursed. Ajay and Vaishali ignore the warnings and settle in the bungalow.

Dak Bangla Full Hindi Movie

Soon, they are joined by Sapna (Swapna), Ajay's other niece, her boyfriend Raj (Rajan Sippy), and some other friends. They plan to spend their vacation in the bungalow and explore the nearby forest. However, Sapna starts having nightmares about a princess who was killed in the same bungalow by a monster. She also sees visions of a mummy in a coffin. The others also experience strange and scary incidents in the bungalow.

They learn that the bungalow was once owned by Thakur Maan Singh (Narendra Nath), a royal who had a daughter named Sapna (Swapna). Sapna was in love with Ozo (Praveen Kumar Sobti), a tribal leader, but her father opposed their relationship. He hired Shakal (Ranjeet) and his brother Munna (Mazhar Khan), two notorious criminals, to kill Ozo and his tribe. Shakal and Munna attacked Ozo's village and massacred everyone except Ozo, who escaped with Sapna. They reached the bungalow, where Ozo hid Sapna in a secret chamber and went to confront Shakal and Munna. However, he was captured and tortured by them. They also found Sapna and killed her in front of Ozo.

Ozo swore revenge and cursed them before dying. His body was preserved by his tribe's magic and turned into a mummy. The mummy was kept in a coffin in the basement of the bungalow, where it waited for its chance to avenge Ozo and Sapna's deaths. The mummy was awakened by Sapna's arrival, as she was the reincarnation of Princess Sapna. The mummy recognized her as his lover and tried to protect her from Shakal and Munna, who were still alive and had returned to the bungalow to loot it.

The mummy killed Shakal and Munna and their henchmen one by one. It also killed some of Sapna's friends who came in its way. It finally confronted Ajay and Vaishali, who tried to stop it from taking Sapna away. The mummy revealed its true identity to Sapna and asked her to join him in death. Sapna refused, saying that she loved Raj and that she did not remember her past life. The mummy was enraged and attacked Raj, who fought back with Ajay's help. They managed to set the mummy on fire and destroy it.

Sapna, Raj, Ajay, and Vaishali survived the ordeal and left the bungalow. They hoped that Ozo and Sapna's souls would find peace after their revenge was complete.

Cast and Crew



Rajan Sippy



Sapna / Princess Sapna / Vaishali


Shakal / Khursheed Khan

Mazhar Khan

Munna / Shakal's brother

Marc Zuber


Narendra Nath

Thakur Maan Singh

Praveen Kumar Sobti

Ozo / Mummy


Alinar / Mummy's lover

Viju Khote

Head manager

The movie was directed by Keshu Ramsay and produced by Reshma Ramsay. The music was composed by Bappi Lahiri and the lyrics were written by Surendra Shivastav. The screenplay and dialogues were written by R. Mittal and the editing was done by Subbiraj. The movie was shot in Filmcity, Esselstudio, Filmistan, and B.M.C. Studio. The dubbing and re-recording were done by Quality Cine Lab and the sound recordists were Munna and Aappa. The production controller was Ramesh.

Reviews and Reception

Dak Bangla was a commercial success, as it catered to the audience's demand for horror and thrill. The movie was praised for its spooky atmosphere, suspenseful scenes, and special effects. The movie also had some comic relief, romance, and songs to balance the horror elements. The movie was criticized for its weak plot, poor acting, and clichéd dialogues. The movie also had some scenes that were inspired by Hollywood movies like Psycho and The Mummy.

The movie has a rating of 5.3 out of 10 on IMDb and 2.5 out of 5 on ZEE5. The movie is available to watch online on YouTube and ZEE5. The movie has a cult following among the fans of Ramsay brothers and horror genre.


Dak Bangla is a classic Hindi horror movie that offers a mix of horror, comedy, romance, and action. The movie is a typical Ramsay brothers' production, with low-budget but high-entertainment value. The movie has some memorable scenes, such as the mummy's awakening, the mummy's rampage, and the mummy's revelation. The movie is a must-watch for the lovers of horror and nostalgia.


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